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C_Robot_Simulator Software

Latest arduino Software

  • Unicon Board, POP-XT Board, XT +, POP-BOT XT Robot Kit
  • IPST-MicroBOX SE
  • Robo-Creator XT robot kit and ATX2 board
  • POP-X2
  • POP-7
  • i-Duino UNO / R3B

Arduino Software Version 1.7.11_Setup161201

IBlockly Software

Is programming by dragging blocks to place together, piece by piece for the robot to work as we place the blocks The boards that can be used with iBlockly are ATX-2, IPST-SE, POP-X2, i-Duino R3B and POP7.


WeeCode 3.0 Porogramming software 

WeeCode 2.0 Porogramming software 


  • Windows (XP, 7, 8)

Robotis Premium

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