Science Lab & Equipment

Labdisc Enviro

Labdisc Enviro enables field experimentation with a 150 hour battery-life, 128k-sample memory and large graphical LCD and keypad. The 12-bit resolution multidisciplinary system offers a truly flexible and compact tool for students to explore their environment’s reality.

Labdisc Gensci

Labdisc Gensci is surprisingly light and compact. A 128k sample memory and 24k/sec sampling rate, plus 12-bit resolution, 150 hour charge-life and large graphical LCD allow students to parallel real scientific processes and connect core concepts with the real world.

Labdisc BioChem

Labdisc BioChem combines two great scientific disciplines, catering to a multitude of experiments in the field, while the 128k-sample memory and 12-bit resolution also enable students to explore fast or long acting chemical, biochemical and biological phenomena in a clean and hazardous free science lab environment.

Labdisc Physio

Labdisc Physio can be applied in a wide range of physics activities requiring wireless data logging with 12-bit resolution, large 128k samples memory and high sampling rate of 24k/sec sampling rate. Turning complex and abstract physics concepts into easy-to-perform experiments, the Labdisc Physio is a sophisticated tool for discovering the forces of our universe and the building blocks of matter. The Labdisc Physio comes with a wireless add-on, the small and lightweight force/acceleration sensor, easily attaching to portable Lab trolleys.

Labdisc Mini

Labdisc Mini is a compact wireless science lab, integrating 9 sensors. Chosen as the ideal and most affordable K-12 science data logger.