Science Lab & Equipment

Labdisc Enviro

Engaging young scientists with the world around them, the Labdisc Enviro enables field experimentation with a 150-hour battery-life, 1,000,000 sample memory and large graphical LCD and keypad.

The 12-bit resolution multidisciplinary system offers a truly flexible and compact tool for students to explore their environment’s reality.


Labdisc General Science

This data logger is capable of 1,000,000 sample memory and 100k/sec sampling rate, plus 12-bit resolution, 150-hour charge-life and large graphical LCD to parallel real scientific processes and connect core concepts with the real world.

Labdisc BioChem

A wireless data logger with a charge life of 150-hours, the BioChem combines two great scientific disciplines, catering to a multitude of experiments in the field, while the 1,000,000 sample memory and 12-bit resolution also enable students to explore fast or long acting chemical, biochemical and biological phenomena in a clean and hazard free science lab environment.

Labdisc Physio

The Labdisc Physio can be applied in a wide range of physics activities requiring wireless data logging with 12-bit resolution, large 1,000,000 sample memory and high sampling rate of 100k/sec.
Turning complex and abstract physics concepts into easy-to-perform experiments, the Labdisc Physio is a sophisticated tool for discovering the forces of our universe and the building blocks of matter.

Each Set includes: 1 unit LabDisc, 1 pc Quick Start Guide, 1 pc Labdisc AC charger, 1 pc USB cable, 1 pc Temperature Probe, 2 pairs Banana Cable 1 pc Air pressure tube

Labdisc Mini

1 unit  mini labdisc
1 pc Air pressure tube
1 pc Temperature Probe
1 pair Banana Cable
USB connector (charging only)
Ear Clip