Robotics And Coding


Robo Creator ATX2

ATX2 Robo Creator is a powerful, autonomous robotic platform that is powered by 4 DC motor gearboxes linked to wheels and rubber tires.  The metal robot kit has the flexibility of converting into a different robot with the add on of additional parts and sensors.

iBeam Robot

Is an autonomous robot that uses Op-Amp integrated circuit. It is built with  line tracking sensors, perfect for      line tracing robot games

37-in-1 Sensor Kit

set of sensors  for variations of STEM experiment including jumper wires 3-pin adapter to use with Weeemake robot series.

Microbit Maqueen

Pre-built robot kit (can fit in the palm of one’s hand) designed to focus on developing programming skills for beginners in robot movement, line following, distance sensing. MaQueen used with a micro:bit microcontroller embedded sensors include 6 line following, distance, accelerometer, temperature, magnetic field and IR receiver

Weeemake AI Starter Kit

The Weeemake AI Starter Kit is a preliminary entry kit that combines an Artificial Intelligence Robotics and Programing designed perfectly for education.


Weeemake AI Advance Kit

Weemake AI Advance Kit
The AI Advance Kit is a specially developed kit that helps students design and create a virtual AI assistant through “Project Learning”.

Wall-E Robot

6-in-1 Evolution Kit

The 6-in-1 Evolution Robot Kit is a versatile DIY advance STEAM educational kits, which contains 50 + components and electronic modules. It consists of 6 classic forms, to enable learners to improve robotic assembly skills and programming process abilities by exploring six classic cases in the suite.


12-in-1 Robostorm Steam Robot Kit

The 12-in-1 WeeeBot Robotstorm STEAM Robot Kit is a multi-functional DIY ultimate STEAM robot kit. It has more than 450 parts and contains 12+ cool pre-set forms. Whether you are a mechanical or an electronics engineer, a software engineer, a teacher a student, or a maker, this kit allows you to easily learn robotrelated institutions, electronics and programming related knowledge, and even let you team up for robot competition.

Weeebot Jeep

The WeeeBot Jeep is an upgraded version kit on the basis of WeeeBot 3in1 STEM Robot Kit. It is characterized by the WeeeBot, but the addition of wheels and structural parts to enhance its expand-ability and make it more fun to play with.
The product is specially equipped with plastic container box suitable for easy transport and storage. 

Weeebot Mini

WeeeBot Mini is a beginner-level-Coding Robot with integrated main controller and mechanical structure. The kit comes already assembled so that learners can focus on coding and wireless controls activities. 

Weeemake Elf Shield For Microbit

Weeemake Microbit Kit – ELF shield is a shield board for BBC micro:bit. It connects micro:bit to Weeemake electronic modules, motors, and servos, to enriching the function and ability of micro:bit board.
Driven by 18650 lithium battery (included), integrated sound sensor, buzzer, three RGB LEDs, four RJ11 electronic port, two DC motor port, and two servo motor port.


9-in-1 Science Kit

This 9-in-1 Science kit is a mechanical projects kit, which consists of aluminum mechanical parts, electronics modules, motors, hardware tools, and storage solution. The Science kit uses ELF mainboard

Weeebot 3-in-1

This is an entry-level 3-in-1 Stem education robot kit. Has an ELF Mainboard that uses an ATmega328P microchip and comes with 2 TT Motor, RGB Ultrasonic sensor, Line-following sensor, Sound sensor, Light sensor, IR Receiver sensor and a Button. And for communication, this kit has USB, IR, and Bluetooth 2.4G.

3in1 evolution assembly modes: Coding Car, Smart Lamp Robot, and Distance Measuring Robot.

IOT Internet Of Things KIT-LITE

Entry-Level IoT Kid for learning and developing the IoT Internet of Things Techology. Sensors: switch sensor humidity and temp sensor. Other parts LED board, Micro USB cable, IDC- MF10 cable, NodeMCU v2.0, AX- Node MCU

IOT Internet Of Things KIT-STANDARD

Complete equipment for learning and testing, developing creative projects, controlled via internet. Sensors: switch sensor, humidity and temp sensor, light sensor
Other parts: piezo speaker or buzzer, ZX- LED, ZX- LED3CS or RGB-LED, LCD module, solid state relay, bluetooth USB, Breadboard, cables, AX-Node MCU, NodeMCU

Microbit inex version

Inex Microbit Kit

The micro:bit is a tiny programmable computer, designed to make learning and teaching easy and fun using the well-popular micro:bit platform. This robot kit supports all popular development tools include Microsoft Block Editor, Java script and microPython

Micro:bit  Science Laboratory

Micro:bit Science Laboratory use micro:bit and several sensors to collect measurement of various science experiment with simple programming ebvironment of micr:bit, maximize its use with 8 scientific sensors for physics, chemistry and biology in modern IoT application

Home Inventor Kit

Home Inventor Kit is a DIY kit that consists of 10 electronic modules and compact designed mechanical parts. By simulating the life scene of automatic home, building 7 interesting projects of smart home appliance, children will observe home appliances in their daily life and get to know how they work

Advance Space Kit

Advance Space Kit is the second set of educational products specially designed for the school’s maker space. It integrates a variety of mechanical and electronic parts, and is suitable for WeeeCode graphical programming. It is equipped with a set of 2 volumes of textbooks for 11 to 14 + (grades 5-8) students, and meet the requirements of 90-120 minutes comprehensive practical courses.

Robonova-II (Humanoid) – Metal Fighter 

The Metal Fighter is the second generation robot of humanoid robots developed by MiniRobot and as such includes newer more advance technology such as the MRC-3024FX microcontroller (which can control up to 24 servos

Robotis Premium Kit

The Bioloid is an educational robot kit which helps you learn the basics of structures and principles of robot joints. And you can expand its application to the engineering, inverse kinematic, and kinetics. It is also for hobbyists who enjoy building customized robots, and is the most frequently used robot kit for various robot competitions.

Robotis biolod

Robotis GP

This is a high-performance humanoid robot geared for racing, soccer, fighting, and other competitive activities.
With high performance actuator AX-18A and ultralight weighted aluminum frames, It can compete in many robot competitions without additional robot parts or separate accessories.
Running speed of 20cm/s, Grippers which can help achieve various mission, optimized for Robot soccer games to compete speed and power