Robotics And Coding

Robo Creator ATX2

It is a powerful autonomous robotic platform that is powered by 4 DC motor gearboxes linked to wheels and rubber tires.

6-in-1 Evolution Kit

The 6-in-1 Evolution Robot Kit is a versatile DIY advance STEAM educational kits, which contains 50 + components and electronic modules. It consists of 6 classic forms, to enable learners to improve robotic assembly skills and programming process abilities by exploring six classic cases in the suite.

12-in-1 Robostorm Steam Robot Kit

The 12-in-1 Robotstorm STEAM Robot Kit is a versatile DIY ultimate STEAM robot kit. It has more than 450 parts and contains 12+ cool pre-set forms.

Weeebot Jeep

WeeeBot Jeep is a Maker Education product upgraded on the basis of WeeeBot 3 in 1 STEM Robot Kit. It is characterized by the WeeeBot, but the addition of wheels and structural parts to make it has stronger expand-ability and fun to play with.

Weeebot Mini

WeeeBot mini has a cool Jeep look, real car lighting effects, lovely expression creativity, and a versatile mix-and-match structure compatible.

Elf Shield For Microbit

ELF shield is a shield board for BBC micro:bit. It connects micro:bit to Weeemake electronic modules, motors, and servos, to enriching the function and ability of micro:bit board.

9-in-1 Science Kit

A scientific kit can simultaneously build at least 9 classic STEAM application cases. Each structure is cleverly designed, simple and compact, and is closely integrated with the school’s internal science and physics classes to stimulate students’ scientific interest.

Weeebot 3-in-1

WeeeBot 3 in 1 STEM Robot Kit has a cool jeep appearance, colorful lighting and expression effect, simple structure, abundant expansion cases, and powerful intelligent perception and programming characteristics, the product has won the great favor of learners and educators.

Home Inventor Kit

Home Inventor Kit mingled with the characteristics of AI era, simulating at least 7 intelligent domestic scenes in the STEAM education scene, to allow children do innovative design and assembly by using mechanical structures, electronic sensors and programming software. 

Advance Space Kit

Advance Space Kit is the second set of educational products specially designed for the school’s maker space. It integrates a variety of mechanical and electronic parts, and is suitable for WeeeCode graphical programming. It is equipped with a set of 2 volumes of textbooks for 11 to 14 + (grades 5-8) students, and meet the requirements of 90-120 minutes comprehensive practical courses.


ROBONOVA-II is a metal humanoid robot. Students can learn about mechanics & electronics through this robot. Also, learners can participate in the Robot Dance Competition or Robot Olympics using this robot. In this process, learners improve their creativity and logic.

Robotis Premium

The ROBOTIS PREMIUM is a do-it- yourself educational robot kit that uses modular DC servos. Built your own robot and upgrade it with enhanced mobility & intelligence. The evolution of ROBOTIS PREMIUM continues, inspiring creative minds worldwide.