DSTC Robotics at Home

DSTC features another Robotics Hero at Home in the person of Meljon Viste. He is a high school student in Abra High School, Philippines. Despite the scarcity of resources in the province of Abra, Meljon managed to win in many local national and international competitions. For all the good things he is blessed with, he helps many students in his home town start on their robotics journey.

He is also scheduled to represent the country in the NASA-HASSE (Houston Association for Space and Science Education) Space Camp in Texas, USA. He hopes to accomplish his dream of becoming an astronaut or NASA scientist in the future.

Let’s follow Meljon Viste as he aims to land on the moon. Good luck Meljon Viste!

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DSTC Robotics At Home

DSTC Robotics At Home is the online version of the annual Youth Robotics Convention that Data Science and Technology Corporation organizes. Instead of inviting them to the stage, the youth robotics champions ~ Robotics Heroes ~ are invited to share their stories and robotics tips online through this YouTube segment.

There is also a bonus clip for all viewers, a VIRTUAL TOUR of these champions’ robotics or study area at home. If you are looking for ways on how to build and program robots or create an inspiring robotics laboratory right within your home, this is the video for you.

Infographic Poster Making Contest

Participants are invited to send an infographics poster showing an envisioned robot that will help in the fight against #covid19. Family members can help each other to create and submit an entry.

Click here to see winners.

Finland Math launched in the Philippines through Data Science and Technology Corporation

Finland Math is a digital learning platform that makes mathematics learning and teaching more effective, fun and engaging. Research pilot opportunities is open to schools in the Philippines for free. Send an emal to finlandmath. or


Accepting enrollees from Philippines to participate in the 2-week-International Study Program ~ NASA Houston USA.
HASSE Space School is an amazing opportunity for students seeking to pursue success in a STEM career. Students will be immersed in enriched and exclusive space science activities to explore the multi-facets of STEM. Students will also learn and engage in an inspiring personal and leadership development program to truly empower them for changing times.

Data Science and Technology Corporation is now the official provider of VEATIVE

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Immersive and interactive STEM VR modules allow students to dive deep into subjects, and explore concepts that cannot be visualized in the chalk-n-talk method of teaching.


Our aim is to create a whole generation of citizens with a higher scientific consciousness and awareness of their surroundings.
Through LABDISC, we have a technology that can support experiential learning that places science in a real-life context.


Teaching kids how to build and program robots is not an easy task, but surely an enjoyable one. Many students perceive these activities to be daunting and complex, especially those who struggle in science, math, or coding. Their struggles are real, but these struggles do not need to be an obstacle towards success.