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    It may be time to substitute junior’s smartphone for the new JUMPY Plus, a next-generation wearable device that reinvents parent-child interaction, provides educational entertainment and instills great habits in kids all in one neat package. Designed for children aged between 4 and 12, the JUMPY Plus smartwatch is a mobile phone, GPS tracker, activity helper, fitness companion and more. A simple touch of a button and an intuitive interface opens up a child’s curious mind to an engaging realm of social interaction (with authorised contacts), games and stories, making the kids hard-pressed to ever get bored with this new toy.

    JUMPY Plus Highlights

    Compatible with both Android and iOS phones, the JUMPY Plus can be easily synced up with any phone to kick start the fun.

  • Users can make and receive quality calls to and from a preset contact list of authorised persons, with a call log of up to 1 week. Plus, parents can record a voice message and send it to the child’s JUMPY Plus and receive one in return. The JUMPY Plus allows for text messaging, emojis and drawings. The JUMPY Plus’ advanced GPS/GSM/WiFi/G sensor technology helps parents locate their child in real time. A Historical Track feature allows parents to check the entire path of travel over the past week. Alert areas (such as home or school) can also be set up so parents are alerted on the phone when their child enters or leaves the proximity.

  • In an emergency, the user can easily press a button to send SOS messages to his or her parents and other contacts on the emergency list. If the child is unable to pick up a call during an emergency, parents are able to remotely listen in on what is happening around the smartwatch user. By triggering an alarm on the watch via Bluetooth, the child will be notified that his parents are looking for him – a great feature for crowded places.

  • A smart calendar can be used to set daily schedules, and voice reminders can be recorded to help kids develop good habits (such as drinking enough water). Parents can also track their children’s daily/weekly/monthly usage of JUMPY Plus to know and help adjust their routine. Last but not least, parents can remotely switch the JUMPY Plus to School Mode so during this time, the watch will only be able to indicate time and make emergency calls.

  • Family members and friends can be added to the contact list using the JUMPY app. Only trusted individuals can communicate and locate the JUMPY Plus user. Kids can also easily add friends nearby to their contact list via Bluetooth, and parents will receive a notification whenever a friend is added.

  • An adorable virtual JUMPY Pet encourages the user to get off the sofa and stay active so as to feed the pet and dress it up with cool-looking outfits. A built-in pedometer helps parents monitor their child’s daily exercise record. A variety of games also guide kids to jump, squat and crawl.

  • Children will be entertained by short stories with JUMPY Plus, which is constantly updated with new tales. Along with a myriad of energetic games, the device can also control next-generation smart toys.

  • JUMPY Plus comes with interchangeable bands in blue, red, yellow and green, allowing children to express their personality. Plus, over 10 different watch themes are available so the watch can be personalised to suit one’s mood. The user can also record his or her own alarm notification like “I wanna eat a cake at 3pm.”