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    Reliable. Ease-of-use. High quality.

    The moment you use Dreamer 3D Printer, you will be extraordinarily impressed with its reliability and ease of use to build high resolution objects. Meanwhile, its powerful proprietary extrusion system can print with a wide range of materials within the enclosed build chamber. Take a deeper look at Dreamer, and you will find how it achieves these.

  • Always high-quality prints. Always consistent prints.
  • Less warping ABS. More successful and accurate output.
  • Less stringing PLA. Smoother curves on finished prints.
  • Filament cartridge integrated inside. Extending filament lifetime.
  • Not only ABS and PLA, but also a wide range of materials.
  • Easy set-up right out of the box. Excellent User Experience.
  • Introducing FlashPrint. Simplicity and functionality combined.