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Because Schools Need Living Technology

Because Schools Need Living Technology

Because Schools Need Living Technology

Because Schools Need Living Technology

Because Schools Need Living Technology

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Digital Science Lab Disc

Labdisc Physio

The Labdisc Physio can be applied in a wide range of physics activities requiring wireless data logging with 12-bit resolution, large 128k samples memory and high sampling rate of 24k/sec sampling rate. Turning complex and abstract physics concepts into easy-to-perform experiments, the Labdisc Physio is a sophisticated tool for discovering the forces of our universe and the building blocks of matter. The Labdisc Physio comes with a wireless add-on, the small and lightweight force/acceleration sensor, easily attaching to portable Lab trolleys.

Built-in sensors include:
Accelerometer, Air Pressure, Current, Light, Microphone, Motion, Ext. Temperature, Amb. Temperature, Universal Input, Voltage
Typical activities include:
Lenz and Boyle's Laws, resistor networks, light source efficiency, light vs. distance, sound beat and wave superposition, Newton's Second Law and free fall acceleration.

Labdisc BioChem

A wireless data logger with a charge life of 150 hours, the BioChem combines two great scientific disciplines, catering to a multitude of experiments in the field, while the 128k-sample memory and 12-bit resolution also enable students to explore fast or long acting chemical, biochemical and biological phenomena in a clean and hazardous free science lab environment.

Built-in sensors include:
Air Pressure, Ambient Temperature, Barometric Pressure, Colorimeter, Conductivity, Dissolved Oxygen, GPS, Heart Rate, Light, pH, Relative Humidity, Thermocouple, Turbidity and two Universal Inputs.
Typical activities include:
Skin temperature, pulse rates before and after activity, sweat production and photosynthesis, solid, liquid and gas phase changes and pH titration.

Labdisc Enviro

Engaging student scientists with the world around them, the Labdisc Enviro enables field experimentation with a 150 hour battery-life, 128k-sample memory and large graphical LCD and keypad. The 12-bit resolution multidisciplinary system offers a truly flexible and compact tool for students to explore their environment's reality..

Built-in sensors include: UV, pH, Sound Level, Barometer, IR Temperature, Relative Humidity, GPS, External Temperature, Temperature, Turbidity, Colorimeter


Typical activities include:
Temp/light over 24 hours, acid rain, turbidity, water quality, temp./RH in urban areas using GPS, altitude and air pressure, heat absorption and cloud warming effects.

Labdisc GenSci

Despite a full-feature set and built-in sensors for all the major sciences, the wireless Labdisc Gensci is surprisingly light and compact. A 128k sample memory and 24k/sec sampling rate, plus 12-bit resolution, 150 hour charge-life and large graphical LCD allow students to parallel real scientific processes and connect core concepts with the real world.

Built-in sensors include:
Air Pressure, Current, Universal input, Voltage, Light, Motion (Distance), pH, External Temperature, Temperature, Relative Humidity, GPS, Microphone and Sound.

Typical activities include:
Travelling speed with GPS, Newton�s Laws, sound waves, electrical currents, pH titration, endotermic and exotermic reactions, Boyle�s Law, specific heat and microclimate.


Labdisc concept It's time for something new
It is a complete laboratory into a single small disc. The Labdisc replaces a big box of up to 20 individual items - data loggers, sensors, sensor cables and communication cables with a single device. Since all built-in sensors are automatically tested and calibrated, the Labdisc saves teachers hours of setup and calibration time every week. 

All-in-one, complete lab in the palm of your hand

The labdisc is the only solution for K-12 science with up to 14 wireless sensors built into a 
single compact device-revolutionizing science terms of convenience, cost and portability and saving up to 90 minutes on lab setup time.

Every ready - zero setup time, with automatic sensor testing and calibration.Cable free, utilizing next generation Bluetooth wireless communication.

Much more than just a cable-free, clean working environment, safe from hazardous materials: The Labdisc uses Bluetooth communication between the data logger and the computer, as well as a single wireless transmission for up to 14 sensors, reducing radio interference and elimination the need for costly transmitters built into every sensor.
The Labdisc's internal microprocessor automatically calibrates and tests all the built-in sensors to a known reference, so educators can focus on science concepts rather than equipment setup and calibration.

Over 150 hours of battery life.

The long battery life of the Labdisc makes it a pratical tool for inside or outside the classroom and provides an ideal solution for long-term experiments such as plant growth, or the impact of climate change and pollution.

True K-12 Science Companion.

The LabDisc makes science easy and fun, uniquely responding to every stage of learning cycle. Intuitive icon-based design with clear button of each built-in sensor keeps even the youngest students absorbed.